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Youth Camp Kid Uses “What Are Those?” Line On Jordan


If you know anything about the shoe culture, then you probably already know about the viral “What are those?” line that gets thrown around a lot. And apparently, no one is immune to it. Not even the goat himself.

Michael Jordan was at his Jordan Flight School youth basketball camp and one of the campers ended up dropping the line on him. And Jordan was fine with it. He responded by telling the camper exactly what he was wearing. Apparently, he was rocking a pair of Air Jordan XX9 Lows.

Of course, as the owner of one of the most popular and successful shoe lines of all time, he should have known that the line would be dropped on him eventually. Jordan was seen having fun with the campers a lot this week. The kids were even showed Jordan how to do popular dances like “Whip and Nae Nae.”

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