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Will Kanye Get A Job From The LA Clippers?


Kanye West on Twitter is like two dead-drunk G.I.’s with a mortar during WWII – you just never know who he’s going to zero in on and what kind of damage he will do. Yesterday, while on one of his infamous Twitter rants that will forever go down in history, he sort of addressed Steve Ballmer, asking him if he could be allowed to redesign the Los Angeles Clippers mascot.

You really never know what direction Yeezy will go in. Apparently, Kanye is not the biggest fan of the Clippers mascot at the moment, Chuck the Condor.

In case you missed it, the Clips unveiled their new mascot earlier this month at a game against the Brooklyn Nets (which they won). The flappy dude was lowered from the rafters at halftime and whereas his face was one of perpetual excitement, like all mascots’ are, people did not really respond that well to him. Most people ignored it, as they usually do with mascots, while others were quick to share their dissatisfaction with the new Clips mascot, poor Chuck.

We have to say that we were not exactly exhilarated about him either. The combination of a grey body, a blue nose and a red face made him seem more like a drunken medieval monk than anything else, and the helmet sure didn’t help. We thought Chuck looked more like a character  from an early-90s public service video about the importance of always wearing one’s helmet than a mascot of what is supposed to be a hip, young team.

Chuck already responded on Twitter and it was impossible not to feel his hurt.

Ballmer hasn’t responded yet and neither have the Clippers, but there are a few ways this could go. For example, Steve might decide that Kanye in fact is the messiah he paints himself to be and actually let him design the mascot (which might actually be awesome now that we think about it). Or, he might stick with his guy Chuck and simply ignore Kanye.

Or, and this is much more likely than anything else, he might assemble an entire team to do market research, customer base analysis and all kinds of complex-sounding businessy stuff before deciding on the course of action. The best thing he could do is simply to hire new people to do his team’s designs. Everything they have done with the team since Ballmer took over has been one endless agony.

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