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Will Josh Smith Help The Clippers Get Better?


The Clippers are doing everything in their power to strengthen their team before the 2015-16 season starts. First, they signed Lance Stephenson in a very risky move. Then, they signed Paul Pierce in a completely riskless move.

After that, they managed to keep a hold of DeAndre Jordan in what has been the biggest coup of the off-season. Now, they signed Josh Smith. More precisely, they signed Smith on a one-year, veterans minimum deal.

Whether this is a smart move remains to be seen. On one hand, Smith was part of their exit from the playoffs last season when Rockets eliminated Clippers. On the other hand, Smith has been hit or miss most of his career, often wasting possessions and chucking shots that should never be chucked.

It is probably safe to say, however, that this strengthens the Clippers bench and moves them closer to contention. As things are looking right now, they are the fourth best team in the West (behind Warriors, Spurs and Thunder) and we cannot wait till next season to see how this particular trade pans out.

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