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Why the Knicks Missed Out on Hiring Kerr


Steve Kerr was recently hired by the Golden State Warriors to be their new coach, and many are wondering why the New York Knicks did not snatch up Kerr before the Warriors came knocking.

Many analysts believe that New York was simply not willing to offer Kerr enough money to take the position, which is strange considering that they had no problem giving $60 million to Phil Jackson.

This might be Kerr’s first head coaching position, but at the same time, this is the first time that Jackson, who is probably the greatest coach of all time, will be assuming an executive position.

So the question is why Jackson as a first time executive seemed like a good gamble, but Kerr as a first time coach was not enticing enough for the Knicks.

According to Knicks beat writers, the Warriors offered Kerr a significantly larger salary than the Knicks were willing to put on the table.

The New York Post writes that the initial offer that was made to Kerr by the Knicks was $13.2 million for three years – which was still less than what the Warriors were willing to offer the former star player and now head coach.

Kerr simply did not want to make a move across the country for less than what Golden State was offering. Also, it has been stated that it was not Jackson who was negotiating the deal, rather Knicks owner James Dolan.

This makes sense, because Jackson’s interest in Kerr was very real and it seems odd that he would back down so easily from the coach that he wanted and leave it at a three-year deal without trying to at least match what Golden State was offering.

The question is then this – did the Knicks not want to give Kerr a five-year deal because he is an unproven coach? Or is it clear that Dolan will be running the show and only be letting Jackson make moves that Dolan himself signs off on?

This is what is yet to be seen as the Knicks rebuilding process continues in the offseason and they continue to search for a new coach to lead the franchise after a terribly disappointing season in which the team all but fell apart.

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