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Why Manziel Should Remain Browns’ Starter


Sure, the Browns lost another game, falling to the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals 31-10 on Thursday night. Second-year quarterback Johnny Manziel started, and his statline at the end of the night was not all that impressive. But if Cleveland wants to see what the kid can do, they need to name him the starter for the rest of the season.

Veteran journeyman quarterback Josh McCown is not the answer, and the Browns needs to see whether Manziel is – and the only way to do that is to let him play. Manziel did a lot of great things last night, doing what he does best – playing outside of the pocket and making plays with his feet.

And then the Browns coaching staff, for some reason, asked him to stay in the pocket, which is when the Bengals started abusing Manziel. Let Johnny play to his strengths and show you what he can do. It’s another lost season for Cleveland, give Manziel a chance to play before deciding to move on from him.

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