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Why Is LeBron James Headband-Less?


During his first 11 seasons, LeBron James was known for wearing a headband all of the time. Some also noticed that it was riding up every year in an attempt to cover up his slowly fading hairline. And while we’re not going to speculate now about his seemingly restored hairline, we have to noticed that the Cleveland star ditched his headband halfway through the season.

But the question is, why? According to local reports from Cleveland, James going headband-less is a sign of solidarity and support for the rest of his team.

James said that he ditched it because he wants to look like the rest of his teammates, adding that he does not want to stand out on the court, he just wants to be one of them.

This makes sense since the Cavs motto for the playoff is “All In.” And if James’ lack of head wear is what they need to unite the squad, we are sure that all of Cleveland is for it.

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