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Who Really Won The Super Bowl?

Peyton Manning

Another Super Bowl is behind us – the milestone 50th – and the obvious winner of it were the Denver Broncos who defeated the favorites Carolina Panthers 24-10. It was a trench war that was ultimately won by a historically great Broncos defense which didn’t give Cam Newton any breathing room and which stifled any attempt at an organized offense by the Panthers.

There are, however, a few more winners of the Super Bowl 50, ones that may not be that obvious. Perhaps the biggest winners of Super Bowl 50 (besides the Broncos and their fans, of course) were the fans of a good defensive game. The league has been doing everything in its power to promote passing over the last few years but yesterday’s game demonstrated very effectively that defense still wins titles in the NFL.

The Panthers actually had the ball more in their possession and they covered more yards than the Broncos, but it was Denver’s defense which won the game, sacking Super Cam, intercepting and forcing fumbles. The MVP of the game was a linebacker – Von Miller.

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The most controversial winner of Super Bowl was Broncos’ 40-year-old quarterback Peyton Manning. At face value, he did very little. You might even say that any random quarterback could have done the same. This, however, would be underestimating the way he played to his – very few at this point in his career, if we’re being honest – strengths. He knows the game like very few players do and he let his experience take over, doing just as much as his team needed him to do without risking too much.

Bud was also a huge winner of yesterday’s game and the weirdest thing is that they didn’t even pay Manning to mention them. Namely, after the game when asked by CBS’ Tracy Wolfson what he was planning to do, the Broncos QB said it would involve a lot of Bud. How’s that for an endorsement?

Another winner was Papa John Schnatter of Papa John’s Pizza. He was the first to embrace Manning after the final whistle, a move which was heavily publicized. Despite the fact that this was a much less “organic” endorsement on behalf of the quarterback, it was still a huge win for the Papa John brand.

Finally, we cannot help but mention Beyoncé total and overwhelming win over Coldplay as a guest performer at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show. It’s not that difficult to overshadow Coldplay, but Bey did it with such ease and domination it was almost embarrassing.

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