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Which NFL Stadiums Charge The Most For Beer?


No matter what professional sport or what city is in question, beer prices can get pretty high if you want to drink at the game.

That’s why God invented tailgating. The NFL definitely has some of the highest prices for per compared to other sports.

But not all stadiums charge the same amount. The most expensive beer is sold in Oakland. You have to feel sorry for their fans. The team has not made the playoffs in well over a decade and is doesn’t have a single win this season. And the organization still expects their fans to shell out an average of almost $11 for a beer.

On the other side of the coin, you have the very successful New England Patriots organization, which charges about $7.50 at Gillette Stadium for a brew. But who has the best prices? That award goes to St. Louis. If you’re going to see a Rams game, you are going to be able to buy a beer for under $5, with the average price for a cold brew being $4.50.

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