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What’s Wrong With Andrew Luck And The Colts?


If you were paying attention to the NFL preseason, then you would know that many thought that this was the year for the Indianapolis Colts and Andrew Luck. The young gunslinger was coming off a Pro Bowl season during which he showed that he was an elite quarterback.

And on top of all that, the team assembled a worthy supporting cast for him, including several veteran receivers, excellent pass-catching tight ends and a legendary tailback in Frank Gore. What could go wrong?

So far, everything has gone wrong for Luck and the Colts. They are 0-2 after losing on opening day to the Buffalo Bills and last night to the New York Jets. And it’s not the defense’s fault. Frankly, Luck and the offense have been abysmal. Every good play was offset with a stupid mistake or bad play call.

The offense has no rhythm and so far, Luck has thrown three touchdowns to five interceptions and a fumble. He has only completed 54.7 percent of his passes for a measly 5.7 yards per attempt. Will they be able to right the ship? We’ll have to wait and see.

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