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What We Learned From The Cardinals’ Win Over The Vikings


The Minnesota Vikings were in Phoenix last night to take on the Arizona Cardinals and truth be told, no one had an idea that they would put up such a fight. After losing to the Seahawks last week (by quite a margin, if we might add), everyone was positive that the Cards would roll right over them andhand them another blowout loss.

For a while, it seemed that everyone was right. The Cardinals were controlling the game, leading 20-10 into the fourth quarter. However, thanks to some strong drives in the fourth period, the Vikings actually caught up with the opponents and, all of a sudden, the game was anyone’s for the taking.

The Cardinals managed to keep their composure, they remembered they are one of the best teams in the league this year and they confidently took the lead 23-20. Still, there was enough time for the Vikings to come back into this one again and push the home team to overtime. Unfortunately for them, a strip-sack in the final seconds of the game clinched the game for the Cardinals.

The Vikings showed that they had quite a bit of punch in them, but what did we learn about the Cardinals last night? What have we learned about them in these last 13 weeks?

2Well, for one, we learned that the Cardinals are dealing with injuries much better this year. Unlike last year when their quarterback injury troubles caused them to pretty much crumble, this year their running back injury woes have been handled much more maturely. A guy to thank for this is primarily David Johnson, rookie tailback who has been playing like a seasoned veteran this year.

Another thing we have learned about the Cardinals is that they can beat anyone in the league. They have already defeated the Seahawks in Seattle and the following week, they took the scalp off the Cincinnati Bengals, the AFC leaders.

In addition to this, we have learned that the Cardinals actually play amazing defense, despite the fact that their offense is the one aspect of their game that is being most lauded this season. They are fourth best defensive team this year. And they are doing it stealthily. As Gary Davenport from Bleacher Report writes, we learned that Arizona Cardinals might actually be the most complete team in the NFC.

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