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What NFL Players Think About Fantasy Football


There used to be a time when the only response you’d get from NFL players when asked about fantasy football was an eye roll. Well, it is safe to say that this has changed dramatically over the last few years, and it is no surprise.

Fantasy football has become this ginormous phenomenon, with sites like ESPN, and Bleacher Report treating it like a major sport of its own. According to the experts, fantasy football is an industry worth more than a billion.

Many NLF players these days acknowledge the importance and the impact that fantasy football has on the fans and spreading the love for the game. Larry Fitzgerald of the St. Louis Cardinals says that he loves the fact fantasy football is bringing fringe fans to the game. Jarred Allen of the Chicago Bears says that it connects fans and players more than ever before.

What’s more, many NFL players also take part in fantasy leagues, often with their teammates. In a recent Bleacher Report poll, 10 out of 24 NFL players said that they regularly enjoy fantasy football. Judging by this random sample, it is safe to say that almost half of all NFL players indulge in a bit of fantasy as well. All in all, it is safe to say that fantasy football is on its way to become an integral part of the sport of football.

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