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What Does LeBron’s Twitter Cavs Unfollow Mean?


When it comes to this story, Dwyane Wade probably put it best on Twitter, asking if it was a particularly slow news day sports-wise. His response was to a French fan asking him what he thought of the news that LeBron James unfollowed the Cleveland Cavaliers Twitter and Instagram accounts. And really, for a few hours, it was the biggest news of the day in sports, with journalists, experts and fans alike trying to analyze this move and figure out what is happening with the Cavs. Again.

And in this again lies the whole thing. If this had happened with any other player and with any other team than this year’s Cavs, no one would have noticed. Even if they did, the last thing that would come to anyone’s mind is that there was something wrong with the franchise or that this was a deliberate action which was supposed to mean something.

Let’s think about this rationally. First of all, no one actually knew that LeBron even followed the Cavs’ accounts before. Everything we knew was that he wasn’t following them at the time someone remembered to check this. Considering how boring official team accounts can be, would you really blame a player for not following them?

Even if he did unfollow them, the last thing this would mean would be that it was a thought-out message. A player would have to be from another planet to use a social media unfollow as a way of voicing his disagreement with the team’s politics and/or operation. Justin Bieber would have come up with something less childish if he were an athlete, let alone someone like LeBron.

Unfortunately for him and anyone with even a smidge of rational thinking still going on under the scalp, this was LeBron and these were the Cavs and this automatically meant that it was time to start the old spinning circle cackling.

The Cavs have been under the magnifying glass ever since King James came back and every little detail about the franchise’s now almost two years has been scrutinized over and dissected to oblivion. Someone always has some inside knowledge and there is not a day that some new revelation about the Cavs isn’t made public.

Of course, the franchise has been the one to blame at times, like when they fired one of the best coaches in the league for no apparent reason, but much of it has been nothing but gossiping, if we are totally honest. So, to answer the question from the title, what does LeBron’s unfollowing of Cavs social media profiles mean – nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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