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Week 14 Sunday Football Recap


We got plenty of football last night, with the NFL playoffs picture becoming ever so clear and with teams getting real nasty before the post-season begins. We were treated to 14 games, intense as ever, but with very few surprises we might add. So, who played who, who got humiliated and who looks great with the playoffs looming around the corner?

  • The Buffalo Bills were in Philadelphia for a game with the Eagles that was completely overshadowed by the whole “McCoy refusing to shake Chip Kelly’s hand” earlier in the week. Unfortunately for him (McCoy) he just couldn’t get his game on and mostly thanks to the Eagles’ defensive line, the home team prevailed 23-20.
  • The Seattle Seahawks went to Baltimore to take on the Ravens and quite expectedly, they demolished them 35-6. But don’t get fooled by the final score – the Ravens fought hard.
  • The Cleveland Browns managed to bounce back from last week’s gut-wrenching defeat with a 24-10 win over the San Francisco 49ers who were played appallingly bad, short and simple. They did manage to block another Browns field goal attempt, though.
  • The Washington Redskins confirmed their top spot in the NFC East with a hard-fought win against the Chicago Bears. For some reason, they allowed the Bears to come back into the game on a few occasions, but still pulled out an important away win, 24-21.
  • Following a mind-boggling defeat last week, the Detroit Lions were in St. Louis, trying to bounce back, but unlike the Browns, they just didn’t have it in them. The Rams simply outran them in this game – 21-14.
  • The San Diego Chargers were looking to end their 6-game losing streak against the Kansas City Chiefs, but this was not to be their night. They fought harder than in the previous matchup between these two teams, but the result was still the same; the Chiefs prevailed 10-3.
  • The New York Jets hosted the Tennessee Titans and it didn’t go well for the away team. Their running game simply didn’t show up and they got clobbered 30-8.
  • In the most heated game of the night, the Pittsburg Steelers beat the Cincinnati Bengals 33-20. The game was pretty much lost for the Bengals when Andy Dalton broke his thumb and had to leave the game.
  • The Carolina Panthers remained perfect on the season with their dominant win over the Atlanta Falcons, 38-0. There is something wrong with the Falcons at the moment.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been making some waves recently and it looked like they might actually make it to the playoffs. After yesterday’s loss to the New Orleans Saints 24-17, things are not looking so great for them.
  • For a while, it seemed that Matt Hasselbeck might actually do Andrew Luck’s job as the Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback, but the loss they suffered at the hands of the Jacksonville Jaguars 51-16 exposed all of his weaknesses.
  • At halftime, the Oakland Raiders did not look good, to say the least. However, somehow, they managed to pull this one from under Denver Broncos, prevailing in the end 15-12.
  • While most people will tell you that the Green Bay Packers looked great yesterday in their 28-7 win over the Dallas Cowboys; it was actually the away team whose baffling offensive decisions lost the game.
  • The New England Patriots were playing the Houston Texans and it was never close. Tom Brady did his thing, the Pats lost quite a few guys to injuries, but they prevailed 27-6.
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