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Washington Nationals And Pittsburgh Pirates Wage An 18-Inning War


Baseball is the national pastime for a good reason – it is the most unpredictable, fickle, exciting, excruciating, unbelievable, and infuriating sport in the world. It is the closest thing the world of sports has come to being art and life incarnate and games like this Sunday’s duel between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Washington Nationals remind us of this from time to time.

The two teams met in Washington and the game promised nothing spectacular for the most part of the regulation time. The pitchers earned their bucks and the hitters were mostly unable to put their mark on the game.

As the regular nine innings finished 1-1, the two teams started playing extra innings and they ended up playing a whole second game.

It wasn’t until the top of the 18th inning that the Pirates’ Starling Marte finally hit a home run that put his team ahead 2-1. The Nationals were closing to tying the game once again, but, in the end, they failed, “treating” their home crowd to an unpredictable, fickle, exciting, excruciating, unbelievable and, above everything else, infuriating home loss.

It would take us the entire day to even try and describe everything that went down in the game, so we will leave you with this young Pirates’ fan’s musings:

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