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Was Former WVU Standout Offered Car to Sign with Alabama?


Former West Virginia University quarterback Pat White said that he was offered a corvette to sign with Alabama while he was being recruited. This is yet another piece of the puzzle regarding the alleged bribes Alabama may be giving to players in order to play for them.

This comes right off the heels of the brand new car that Alabama running back Derrick Henry recently got.

Henry recently posted a picture of his new car on the Instagram, which led a lot of people to ask where the student got the money for a lavish new car. There is no evidence of the car being given to him by Alabama, but speculation began as to where a college student who is unemployed can get the money to purchase such a vehicle on his own.

White added fuel to the fire later in the week stating that people need to stop acting like they don’t know that Alabama has been doing these types of things for a long time. He also added that he was glad that he turned down a corvette and became a mountaineer.

There are some holes in White’s story. It is not even certain whether or not White was even offered a scholarship from Alabama. Some recruiting sites claim that he was, while others claim that Alabama did not offer him a scholarship to play for them.

Also, White was not a heavily discussed recruit coming out of college. He was only a three star prospect and even if this was 2004, it is highly unlikely that Alabama would be interested in landing someone who wasn’t a blue chip prospect coming out of high school and didn’t even have a true position at the time.

So what is the real lesson? It is probably that NCAA players should not be posting pictures of their new cars on Instagram. Even if there is no proof of your school violating NCAA regulations, it would be best to not make a picture of your car go viral, regardless of who purchased it for you.
Interesting enough, Alabama will be opening its next season playing a neutral field game against none other than the West Virginia Mountaineers.

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