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Warriors Tie Bulls’ NBA Record With 72nd Win


The Golden State Warriors were in Texas yesterday and they beat the San Antonio Spurs for the 72nd victory this season. This win that ties them with the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls team that also won 72. The only difference? The Warriors still have one more game to play, hosting the decimated Memphis Grizzlies. In short, the Dubs have the chance to make history once again, going to 73 and setting a new standard for great NBA teams.

Last night’s game was a true grudge match between the two best teams this season. The game was everything we expected from it; with both teams showing they are not just the best teams this year, but also among the best 10 teams ever to play the game.

The first half was a dream come true for fans of a good defensive game. The two teams boasted some of the best defense this game has ever seen. The rotations were as tight as they come, the coaching was absolutely flawless and the players were executing as if their lives depended on it. The final result of such a spectacular display of defense was the result after two quarters, 35-35.

The Spurs opened the third quarter better, with a few of their shots finally falling and they took an eight-point lead. And just when their fans thought their team was pulling away, Steph Curry showed up and he did it big. He started draining threes and going to the rack with total abandon. He scored 16 points in the third quarter alone and there was no stopping the MVP. He even made a 60-foot shot at the end of the quarter, but he released the ball after the buzzer.

However, it was only in the fourth that the reigning champs really pulled away, leading by double figures near the end. The game ended 92-86 which gave the Warriors a tie with the 95-96 Bulls, but which also ended the Spurs’ incredible home court run.

The Warriors are playing the Grizzlies on Wednesday and everyone will be watching. The Memphis team is still playing without the majority of their best players and it will be a surprise if they manage to put up a fight against the champs. All in all, it is looking more and more like the Warriors are going to be the sole holders of the best regular season record in the history of NBA. Last night’s game was a huge step in the right direction.

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