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Warriors Take It Away From Clips


How good are the Golden State Warriors this year? After last night’s win in Los Angeles over the Clippers, it is pretty safe to say they are historically good. Sure, there are a few more games before they tie the best season start record shared by the 1948-49 Washington Capitals and the 1993-94 Houston Rockets, but a simple eye test says the Warriors are just incredible.

Last night’s game was a clear indication of what they are capable of and how insanely good they are this year. For one, the Clippers are a great team, among the best in the league this season, and they were playing before the home crowd. They opened a 23 point lead in the second quarter and even led by 10 with only five minutes left to play in the fourth. But it was not enough.

It is as if the Dubs found a new gear to take the game over, going on a 22-5 run, which sealed them a victory 124-117. And watching them during that run, they looked like a team that cannot be beaten. By anyone. They were so flawless, so focused and so concentrated on the win that it must have been horrifying for every other team in the league. Not just the Clippers. On top of all that, you could also see they were having fun. What a team.

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