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Warriors Record A Historic Start To The Season

Last night, the Golden State Warriors hosted the LA Lakers at the Oracle Arena and demolished them for a record-breaking 16-0 start to the season. They now stand alone, ahead of the 1948-49 Washington Capitals and the 1993-94 Houston Rockets who started 15-0 before losing their 16th games of the respective seasons.

Going into the last night’s matchup, only the most blinded Lakers fans and fans of irony expected a different outcome. To put things lightly, they were very much mistaken. The Dubs literally dismantled the Lakers team which has been really struggling this season, prevailing 111-77. In case your math isn’t that great, that is a 34-point win. At one point the lead was 41. A blowout no matter how you look at it.

It was a truly joint effort, with everyone except for Ian Clark scoring at least two points. It goes without saying that the leading scorer was Steph Curry who had 24 points, closely followed by Draymond Green with 18. As for the Lakers, they had three players who scored 10 each and perhaps the most surprising (or not really) thing was that Kobe Bryant scored only 4 points. In fact, he had one of the worst nights of his career, going 1-14 from the field.


There are quite a few questions that this latest win raises, the first of which concerns the team to finally beat the Warriors this season. They are playing their next game on Friday in Phoenix, against the Suns who are never easy to beat. Then, it is back home to host the Sacramento Kings. That one should be a win. Then, on Nov.30, they go to Salt Lake City to play the Utah Jazz and a number of pundits believe that this is the game they finally lose. By that time, they will hold an 18-0 start to the season.

Some people are wondering if maybe the Warriors have what it takes to break another record, the one still held by the 1971-72 Lakers who won 33 games in a row. Probably not, but still.

Another question many people are asking is whether this incredible run proves that coaches are not really that crucial for a team’s success. Namely, the Warriors have accomplished all of this without their head coach Steve Kerr who has been sidelined for medical reasons. Luke Walton is the “mastermind” who made all this happen, supposedly.

Somehow this doesn’t feel to be the case.

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