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Wanna-Be Rugby Player Runs Through Bricks


What would you do to make it onto a professional rugby team? Better yet, what would you do to make it onto a reality show about aspiring professional rugby players. Would you run through a brick wall? This guy did.

David Andjelic applied for the Australian reality show “The NRL Rookie” and has been looking for a way to get noticed. His video that went viral this week might be just what the doctor ordered.

The rugby player and his friends put together a six-foot-tall brick wall, without mortar of course, and then David ran through it.

“It’s your mentality that counts.”

That’s what Andjelic said before running head first through the bricks. It looks like he got out of the stunt without any injuries. Hopefully it was worth it for him and the people of “The NRL Rookie” have taken notice. If not, he could always try the stunt again, but with mortar this time.

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