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Von Miller’s Sensual Sack Celebration Is Sensual


Sack celebrations are usually pretty tame, especially if you compare them to touchdown dances. Sometimes you’ll a fist pump or make a chest bump or occasional bow. But when the defenders start dancing, then it gets a little odd. Denver Broncos defender Von Miller might have taken the dancing a little too far.

After recording a half-sack against Kansas City quarterback Alex Smith, he started moving his hips and thrusting his pelvis in a very sexually suggestive way. We’re not saying you shouldn’t keep doing your thing Von, and enjoying yourself. But you might have to rethink these sensual moves, especially when you’re playing in prime time.

But the Broncos defense had a lot to celebrate last night, forcing a fumble and returning it for a game-winning touchdown in the last minute of the game last night. We’re looking at a new Broncos time, with a new defensive identity that doesn’t have to depend on quarterback Peyton Manning for wins anymore.

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