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Utah Player Drops Ball Before Crossing Goal Line

Utah v Arizona State

Utah wide receiver Kaelin Clay caught a pass and was well on his way to scoring a 78-yard touchdown practically untouched.

And then things went terribly wrong. The receiver started celebrating before crossing the goal line and essentially dropped the ball on the one yard line.

Oregon defenders were quick to notice the mistake, and while Utah players will celebrating with Clay in the end zine, they picked up the ball and ran it all the way to the other side of the field, scoring a touchdown themselves on the freak play.

Football fans will remember that NFL standout DeSean Jackson made this same mistake a couple of times. And the funniest thing about it all, which really ties the entire story together is that Clay and Jackson actually attended the same exact high school!

Needless to say, Utah was never able to recover from the botched play and ended up losing to Oregon by a score of 51-27.

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