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Utah Jazz Sign 5-Year-Old Leukemia Patient To One-Day Contract


People often forget what the best thing about sports is – the fact that sports can make people happy and forget about their daily woes for a moment.

The Utah Jazz understand this very well, which is why the signed five-year-old J.P. Gibson to the squad for one day. The boy has leukemia and is undergoing treatment for the disease, which will no doubt be rigorous for such a young child.

The Jazz wanted to make sure that the boy’s wish comes true and Gibson always wanted to play in an NBA game. So not only did they sign him to the team, they even let him play. Gibson was sent into the game on Monday during the third quarter of the team’s preseason scrimmage.

The ball was inbounded to Gibson and the team let him take it down the court. And best of all, he scored. Once he got down into the pain, a fellow Jazz teammate lifted Gibson so that the little boy could put down a massive two-handed dunk.

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