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Top 21 NFL Defenders


2. J.J Watt

We know, this giant has only four seasons in the NFL, but you’d be wrong to think that he’s not supposed to be on the list of the greatest defenders. Why? The guy’s taken two Defensive Player of the Year awards home already in just four seasons, that’s majestic!

This Houston Texans colossus, with his 1.96m height and 131kg weight , is batting 50 percent in Defensive POY honors, and there’s very little in his way to a Hall of Fame recognition. To sum it up, Watt is a monster with a 57 sack career, while averaging 14.25 sacks per season.

He’s already tied for the 120th place on the all-time players list, and to make the matter even more impressive, he’s only 26 years old. A 26-year-old with two POY awards, in a fantastic team, with a supreme play style and optimum physical condition – sounds like a true winner, in every single way.

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