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Top 21 NFL Defenders


It is often said that with a good offence you don’t need a strong defense – but sometimes a good defense is paramount in maintaining a stable game, and there are games where a good defense is the only reason it was won in the first place.

Defenders need to be strong, resilient and sturdy, and they need to know how to take a beating. To honor these valiant knights of the back line, we give you the best 21 NFL defenders of all time:

1. Ed Reed

What better way to start of this list than with the famous Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, and New York Jets defender, Ed Reed? He’s here to open the list as one of the very few true safeties featured on it. The older generations were fortunate enough to have an opportunity to watch Reed ‘scour’ the deep middle third of the Baltimor Ravens defense for an entire decade.

There’s an opinion that nobody in the entire NFL history roamed the middle-third as spectacularly and efficiently as Reed did. He amassed an impressive 64 career interceptions, which puts him on the sixth place on the all-time list.

Also, he has nine career defensive touchdowns, which is pretty insane. Ed’s main attribute was his wits – nobody knew better than him where and when to be in order to help their team so perfectly.

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