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Top 20 Baseball Players Who Deserve Place In Hall Of Fame


2. Jeff Bagwell

I’ve never heard about Bagwell using steroids but people have their assumptions. The fact of the matter is that Bagwell was one of the best hitters in the 1990’s. He consistently hit 30 homers, drove in 100+ runs and batted above .300.

There was no other first baseman in the 90s that was better than Bagwell. He was an incredibly dominant player. In the 15 years that he played, he had 1529 RBIS, 1515 runs, 2314 hits and 449 home runs.

He was also an All Star for ten of his 15 playing years and one of only 12 other players in the history of the league to not only hit over 400 home runs, but also steal more than 200 bases. He was probably one of the smartest base runners ever and was a model for all players who wanted to steal bases but might not have necessarily been the fastest players in the league.

He definitely redefined base running over the course of his career.

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