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Top 20 Baseball Players Who Deserve Place In Hall Of Fame


It’s always been my argument that if there is an argument AGAINST a player making the baseball Hall of Fame, he shouldn’t be in.

The players on this list mostly are guys that don’t deserve the induction into the Hall of Fame, but they still deserve recognition for having outstanding careers…

1. Pete Rose

Charlie Hustle is ineligible for the Hall of Fame. Whether or not he should be allowed in is a topic of discussion for another day. But there’s no doubt that the best player not currently in the Hall of Fame is the all-time hits leader, Pete Rose.

If he was judged solely by what he did on the field, it would be a no brainer. Not only is he the hit king of baseball, he was also the most iconic player of his time and played incredibly well for an incredibly long period of time.

Many argue that he should be allowed in because he did not abuse steroids and the betting that excludes him from the Hall had no impact on the way he played the game.

Unfortunately, rules are rules and there is no way that he will ever be able to make it into the Hall because he disrespected the integrity of the game and forever left a dark mark on his career, no matter how great he was in the batter’s box and on the field. 

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