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Today Is Mamba Day At The NBA!


These last few months, we have been watching Kobe Bryant hold his Los Angeles Lakers hostage to a farewell tour and for true Lakers fans, it must have been excruciating. Do not get us wrong, the man has had a spectacular career and he probably made the franchise more money than anyone else, but to sacrifice a year of team development in order to give one superstar a decent sendoff is total lunacy.

In any case, tonight it is all going to end as Kobe will step on the court once more, donning the Lakers jersey and, knowing him, giving it his best. The Lakers are hosting the Utah Jazz who are still in the play for the playoffs and who might sneak their way into the 8th spot in the West if the Houston Rockets lose to the Sacramento Kings. It is a long shot, but it is safe to say the Jazz are going to be ready and geared up for this game.

As far as the Lakers are concerned, they have absolutely no stake in this game. If we are being brutally honest, they hadn’t had one since November when it became obvious that they are one of the two or three worst teams in the league and that the season was a goner.

Therefore, tonight, it is all going to be about Kobe. Yesterday, the Lakers Twitter account posted this pic.

Even the court is going to be all about Kobe and the two numbers he has worn during his career with the Lakers. There is still no news about the show the franchise has prepared for Black Mamba, but knowing the Lakers, it is going to be spectacular. And for the first time this season, we feel that this is the time and the place to do it. It is the last game of Kobe’s career and he deserves to be honored by the city and the fans he gave everything to.

Regardless of what you feel about him personally or even as one of the best players of all time, he brought 5 titles to LA and he posted numbers that most other players can only dream of. For two decades he has been the biggest star on the most popular team in the NBA and he always brought everything to every game. You have to respect that.

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