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Tim Tebow Is Back In The NFL

Tim Tebow has always been a divisive figure in the NFL. Sure, he had a great run with the Denver Broncos, although it was short lived, but even then his skills were questions by the fans and the media. Does he have what it takes to be an NFL quarterback? Should he change positions? Those were the questions swirling through the media at the time, and they still remain.

But get ready for Tebow-mania part 3, because he’s back in the league. The quarterback, who has not played a regular season game since 2012, has signed a one year contract with the Eagles.

But Tebow fans, don’t get to excited. The Eagles needed a fourth quarterback for their offseason program and he might not even make the roster at the end of the offseason, just as was the case in his last comeback attempt in New England.

But you never know, Tebow has been working with one of the best QB coaches in the world to improve his technique and mechanics.

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