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Tiger Woods’ Game Hits Rock Bottom

Watching Tiger Woods play yesterday at the US Open, it’s hard to imagine that he is the same person that dominated golf not long ago. Analysts are wondering what the problem is and whether we are witnessing the end of an era.

It would appear to be that way. Woods shot a 10-over 80 and could end up missing the US Open cut for the first time since 2006.

Over the first 10 holes, Woods looked abysmal. He shot eight (yes eight) bogeys, a triple-bogey and a birdie. Absolutely nothing was working for him. His tee shots were sailing wide with almost every drive and his putting form was horrible as well. He hit nine of 18 greens and only six of 14 fairways, looking like one of the worst golfers on the course. Could this be the end for Woods? Or will he be able to bounce back and regain some of his form and compete once again? It remains to be seen.

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