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This Weekend’s NBA All-Star Was A Weird Mix Of Boring And Amazing


We were treated to another NBA All-Star weekend this weekend and it was a mixed bag in the best sense of the word. On one hand, we could enjoy some great plays and amazing feats of human anatomy, mostly in the dunk contest. On the other hand, however, it reinforced the opinion of everyone who thinks something should be done about the All-Star game itself, a game that is supposed to be the highlight of the All-Star weekend, but which has been falling flat for decades now.

Friday’s action kicked off with the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game between Team USA and Team Canada, coached by Kevin Hart and Drake, respectively. The Canadians won and the MVP of the game was Win Butler of Arcade Fire. A number of reporters had no idea who he was or who Arcade Fire were and he got a bit angry. The photo of him and his “trainer” Spike Jonze with the MVP trophy is just amazing.

Couldn’t have done it without my trainer

A photo posted by djwindows98 (@djwindows98) on

After that one, the NBA rookies and sophomores took to the court for the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge where Team World would take on Team USA. As usually, almost no defense was played and the young guys showed off their scoring and dunking skills. It was a heated battle and in the end, Team USA won 157-154. The MVP of the game was Zach LaVine with 30 points and 7 rebounds.

The best day of this year’s NBA All-Star weekend was Saturday, with three main events. In the first one, the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, Minnesota rookie Karl-Anthony Towns took home the trophy, which was a huge surprise considering he is a center and a number of point guards also took part in the event.

The Foot Locker Three-Point Contest was a close one, with all the greatest sharpshooters of today taking part, but ultimately, it was a Golden State Warrior who won it all. No, it was not Steph Curry. It was Klay Thompson who saved the best for last and dominated the finals.

And then, it was time for the Verizon Slam Dunk Contest and it was epic. It was easily one of the best dunk contests in the history of the All-Star games and it was all thanks to Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon. The two young men eased their way into the finals and put on a show. There are no words that could describe it and so we won’t.  Instead, we will leave you with this.

Oh yeah, Zach LaVine won it.

The low point of the All-Star Weekend was, ironically, the All-Star game. It is actually very difficult to explain in words why it was boring and pointless. There was absolutely no competition, the players on the defense were literally walking and standing around and the guys on the offense were doing what they wanted. It was just pointless. Especially considering how players are valued based on their All-Star appearances.

Either they change it or disband it.

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