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This NFL Offensive Lineman Has A Six-Pack


When you think of NFL offensive linemen, who think of big, burly 300 pound guys with huge stomachs and giant arms.

But you never think of them being ripped. Chance Warmack probably has the most defined torso you’ll ever see on an offensive lineman. The Tennessee Titans lineman has been working hard this offseason and has put on 15 pounds. However, these 15 pounds are all muscle.

So now he’s 345 pounds and he has a six-pack! Warmack posted a picture on Instagram to show the change in his body. On the left, he posted his new 345-pound self, and on the right, a picture of him when he was in college playing for the Alabama Crimson Tide. In the throwback picture he had a big gut, but weighed 330 pounds.

So the moral of the story is that muscles weigh more than fat and weight can be deceiving, especially in professional sports.

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