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This Is What We Saw During NBA’s Las Vegas Summer League

There is a saying that you can’t predict anything based on NBA’s Summer League, but we enjoyed some truly fantastic games and performances in Las Vegas this month and we think a few things have become quite obvious, despite the saying.

For example, it has become obvious that a number of NBA’s sophomores were simply too good for the Summer League and that they are more than ready to hold their ground in the big leagues.

Utah Jazz’s Trey Lyles, Denver Nuggets’ Gary Harris and Emmanuel Mudiay and LA Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell all excelled and their teams’ fans must be super excited to see them during the regular season.

The Lakers fans have even more to look forward to as their newest rookie Brandon Ingram showed glimpses of pure genius, flaunting skills and moves that an 18-year old should not have.

Fans of Philadelphia 76ers can also be super pleased with their #1 pick this year, Ben Simmons, who so often looked like an even bigger Magic Johnson.

Another player that showed a ton of potential was Thon Maker, a rookie who dropped a few spots in the draft due to concerns surrounding his actual age. As it turns out, the Milwaukee Bucks did a great job drafting this super-lanky motor of a player who boasted far more skills than people thought he had.

Finally, we saw one great Summer League with a buzzer-beating finals game. What more could you ask for?



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