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This Harden-Shumpert Mashup Pic Is Too Funny


The greatest thing about social media is that it lets the creative minds of the fans really show what they can do. Such is the case with this incredible mashup of two star NBA players known for their “hairy” looks.

Houston Rockets leader James Harden has a huge, burly beard. And Cleveland Caveliers up-and-comer Iman Shumpert has a giant hi-top fade.

So the fan’s idea was to combine the too! He made a picture in which it looks like Harden’s beard is growing out of Shumpert’s massive Kid ‘n Play-esque hairdo and vice versa.

Fans across the world shared the photo and everyone got a great laugh from it. Even Shumpert loved the photo, he posted it on his Instagram account saying “Even I’m crying off this one!”

The only thing weird about the photo is that it’s amazing that it took so long to happen. Thank you Internet, and thank you creative NBA fans!

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