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These Were The 2016 NFL Combine Highlights


NFL Combine for this year finished yesterday and there were quite a few players that raised some eyebrows during the four days. The majority of the most interesting prospects proved their worth, while a few other players also shone through, getting everyone’s attention. We figured it would be best to go by days and positions.

On Friday, we saw a number of running backs showing what they can do and one of the most exciting prospects was definitely Derrick Henry, if for nothing else, then for his freakish athleticism. At 247 pounds, he posted virtually the same combine numbers as the Broncos superstar Von Miller did back in 2011. For most experts, however, it was all about Ezekiel Elliott from Ohio State, another spectacular athlete, but with more versatility.

As far as offensive linemen went, it was mostly about Laremy Tunsil, the probably first pick in the upcoming NFL Draft and one of the most exciting linemen in a long time. It was all about whether he would do the 40-yard dash or not. The specialists were also there on Friday but the man who is everyone’s first projected specialist come Draft time, Roberto Aguayo didn’t do any testing. And why should he?

On Saturday, we saw tight ends and the top projected TE Hunter Henry did not go through athletic testing at all. The man who took full advantage of this has been David Morgan from UTSA who impressed the experts and posted some great numbers.

A couple of receivers gained ton of publicity on Saturday too – in the first group those were Tayler Boyd from Pitt and Will Fuller from Notre Dame. Boyd showed off great versatility and incredible reflexes while Fuller simply showed how insane fast he is. Of course, Laquon Treadwell was still the most impressive wideout there, showing incredible maturity, as well as great physical prowess. Michael Thomas proved that he is probably the second-best wide receiver in college at the moment.


We also saw quarterbacks on Saturday and it was obvious that two guys are ahead of everyone else at the moment – Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. They were both smooth at the combine, crisp too, showing that they have the fundamentals down. It was actually quite refreshing to see two top QB prospects at the combine and it would be nice if this became a thing.

Linebackers came out to play on Sunday and a guy who came out of nowhere was Daron Lee from Ohio State who ran the 40-yard dash in 4.47, which is just insane for a linebacker. One scout said that he might actually be the best linebacker of those who participated. The two linebackers who did not run happen to be the two top LB prospects actually, Jaylon Smith and Myles Jack.

Defensive linemen were showing off their skills on Sunday too and Joey Bosa from Ohio State was getting all the attention. His numbers were decent, but he was not satisfied. He was fantastic in the drills portion of the combine, though.  Robert Nkemdiche displayed ridiculous physical talents while Emmanuel Ogbah definitely turned quite a few heads with his great showing.

Monday was reserved for defensive backs and they did not disappoint. Jalen Ramsey solidified his spot as one of the best five players in the draft and a few scouts and pundits actually said that he would probably be a top-10 prospect in any draft. Vernon Hargreaves did not have too great a showing, but it was obvious that he was the only defensive back who could be considered in the same class as Ramsey.

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