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These Teams Are Dominating The NFL Free Agency So Far


It has been three weeks since the NFL free agency period started and more or less all of the teams have made some moves. Some teams made bigger moves while others kept it close to their chest, only making small adjustments to their rosters. A number of teams have definitely made smarter choices than the rest and today, we will be looking into the smartest of them.

The New England Patriots have definitely done well in the free agency, mostly adding to their already scary offense. Their biggest addition is probably tight end Martellus Bennett, a huge guy who can run, block, catch and do everything you might need him to do. They also added Chris Long, a defensive end who did not play that much these last two years due to injury but who definitely boasts major talent and skills.

The Jacksonville Jaguars traditionally make moves in the free agency and it (unfortunately for them and their fans) rarely works. Next seasons definitely has the potential to be better, with their quarterback Blake Bortles showing great potential but also thanks to some smart moves they made this offseason. For example, they added Chris Ivory to their roster, a man who is supposed to revitalize their running game. They also added free safety Tashaun Gipson and cornerback Prince Amukamara who will, hopefully, bolster their defense.


The Oakland Raiders have also snagged themselves a few players that should make them a winning team again. Bruce Irvin is going to be a humongous addition to their defensive line, a man who will make Khalil Mack even better. They also added cornerback Sean Smith to the group, as well as Kelechi Osemele who got a huge $58.5 five-year contract.

Last season, it was obvious where the New York Giants had problems. We will give you a hint: it was not their offense. This is why it is no surprise that their free agency additions all bolster their defense and we actually think they did a great job of plugging the holes. Janoris Jenkins from the Rams, Olivier Vernon from the Dolphins, Damon Harrison from the Jets and Keenan Robinson from the Redskins are all going to contribute greatly to what should be a much improved defensive line.

The Chicago Bears had a nice season last season and this free agency, they looked to keep moving in the same direction. For instance, they further improved their defensive line with the additions of Akiem Hicks, Jerrell Freeman and Danny Trevathan. To boost their offense, they also signed Bobby Massie, Ted Larsen and Manny Ramirez.

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