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These Are The Latest And Wildest NBA Trade Rumors


This weekend is the All-Star weekend and this also means that the NBA trade deadline is closing in on us and the teams. More precisely, the trade deadline is in exactly a week and the teams haven’t done much, if anything, so far. Either everyone is set (which is never the case), or they are waiting for the last moment to pull the trigger and make a move that will change the landscape of the NBA.

And while actual moves have been too seldom so far, there is no shortage of trade rumors from all over the league, from insiders who might actually know a thing or two to couch analysts who are dreaming up insane trades to entertain their readership. Today, we will be looking at some of the most interesting and potentially impactful trade rumors that have been making their rounds around NBA these last few days.

One of the players that has featured in numerous trade scenarios is the Atlanta Hawks starting point guard Jeff Teague. The Hawks have a stellar PG prospect in Dennis Schröder and there have been some disagreements between Teague and the organization. So far, a number of teams have reportedly reached out to the Hawks, looking to snatch their point guard. The Indiana Pacers are allegedly seeking his services, being ready to send George Hill to Georgia. The Magic are also reportedly offering Victor Oladipo for Teague while there has also been some talk about the Utah Jazz looking to bring Teague over.

2A lot was being said about the Sacramento Kings situation, the whole DeMarcus Cousins and George Karl thing. One of the ways in which the franchise could go is to trade Cousins, but they would be losing one of the best big men in the league. At the moment, most experts agree that the Kings have no intention of sending their center anywhere. The same is true for the New Orleans Pelicans and their sharpshooting big man Ryan Anderson. He was rumored to be on the trading block, but the sources close to the team are now saying there is no way the Pelicans would do that.

According to CBS sources, the LA Clippers are not going to trade Blake Griffin at the moment, but they are adding that they will talk about perhaps moving him once the season is over. ESPN people are adding that the Cleveland Cavaliers are very much interested in the services of the Hawks’ Kyle Korver and the Pelicans’ Omer Asik and Tyreke Evans. It is not specified who they are thinking of letting go, but the rumors that Kevin Love’s days at Cleveland seem to be untrue at the moment. Who knows what will happen by February 18.

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