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These Are The Guys Who Will Light Up The Wild-Card Round


We really, really, really cannot wait for the start of the NFL playoffs this season and the Wild Card Round which hasn’t been this promising in a long time. The teams will be giving their best and there are quite a few players who are poised to light up and torch their opponents in these do-or-die games. Which guys are we talking about? Well…

When we are talking quarterbacks, it is absolutely impossible not to mention Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks who has been having one of the best seasons ever recorded. He was especially good in the last seven games of the season where his numbers are outright historical – 71 percent completed passes for 1,906 yards, throwing 24 touchdowns and only one interception over that period. This is the best anyone has ever played in the last seven games of the season. Another quarterback who should have an amazing Wild Card Round is Kirk Cousins, both because of his incredible games this season and because he will be facing the Green Bay Packers’ defense, which hasn’t been doing great as of lately.

Six of the seven top runners this season didn’t make it to the postseason. Simply put, the best running backs in the game will be sorely missed these playoffs. The seventh among them, Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings will be facing the Seahawks, which is never the best possible outlook for a running back. Despite that, we are pretty sure he will be having the best running game of the Wild Card Round. Two other players that come to mind are Jeremy Hill of the Cincinnati Bengals and Alfred Morris of the Washington Redskins.

As far as the wide receivers are concerned, we would have to be insane to predict anyone not named Antonio Brown to be the best come Saturday. The man has quite simply been the best receiver in the game this season and the fact that the Bengals haven’t exactly been stellar against passes this season makes this pick even more clear cut.

The last prediction of ours is perhaps the only one more obvious than the Antonio Brown one and that is the prediction that Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks will have the best defensive performance of this year’s Wild Card Round. The man is a total beast and the Vikings’ offensive line is porous to say the least. It will be slaughter.

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