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The Warriors’ Splash Brothers Rule Over Miami

NBA fans love a great duo. Over the years, we loved Russell and Cousy, we loved Dr. J and Moses, we loved Kareem and Magic, we loved Jordan and Pippen, we even loved Shaq and Kobe. This season, we have two major duos doing their thing, the OKC Thunder one with Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant changing what we know about human anatomy and the Golden State Warriors one with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson gunning from the perimeter. There may be other duos, but these two are by far the best at the moment.

Last night, the Miami Heat were on the receiving end of the latter, The Splash Brothers duo who came into town looking to win another game on their way to the overall win record for the regular season. And at first, it seemed the Heat would be too much for them.

Everything seemed to conspire against the visiting champs. Their game was a bit off last night, with their “machine” not really working as well as we’ve grown accustomed this year. Some of it had to do with the team trying to get the newcomer Varejao involved, but it also had to do with the fact the Heat were playing like they were possessed. Dwyane Wade was playing like it was five years ago, scoring at will and dishing out assists. Hassan Whiteside was beasting under the rims.

And then, it was as if someone turned the switch and Steph and Klay started bombing. Klay was getting hot, Steph recognized it and he simply fed him the ball. When Klay got stymied by the defense, it was Steph who took over, showing once again why he was the MVP last year and why it would be the biggest surprise ever if he didn’t win it this year again.

Together, the two of them scored 75 points to take this game away from the Heat in the last 5 minutes of the matchup. Simply put, it was another demonstration of what kind of a team the Warriors are and what kind of a duo Steph and Klay are. They are not the team. This team is much more than just two players, but it must be so good to know that when other parts don’t work, you have these two guys who can take over a game and beat one of the better teams in the league, at home and at full speed.

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