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The St. Louis Rams Are Moving To LA


Some time ago, we wrote about how the St. Louis Rams, the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders were all seeking relocation to Los Angeles and the first team to actually get the league’s approval are the Rams who will formally move to the city. Their application was put to a vote before the NFL owners and they approved the relocation by a landslide, 30-2.

In addition to this, the NFL also decided that the Chargers will have the option to move to LA through mid-January, 2017. If they should choose not to move, the next team to have “preference” will be the Oakland Raiders. If the Chargers decide to play in LA in 2016, they will have to make this decision by March 20-23 and the NFL meeting scheduled for those dates.

The whole thing about who was working with who in respect to the potential moves got really complicated at one point. At first, the Raiders and the Chargers worked on a joint move and then, just before the vote, the Rams and the Chargers started working together on a stadium project. The end result is that the Rams will be relocating to LA, the city they left in 1994 after spending almost five decades there. The two remaining teams were promised $100 million each if they remain in their cities.

Shortly after the vote was passed, Twitter erupted with comments from pretty much everyone who has anything to do with NFL. The New England Patriots owner Robert Craft was pleased with the vote:

Chris Long, the Rams defensive end and player with the longest tenure on the team, had a few things to say to the St. Louis fans who are the definitive losers in the whole story:

He also had a few words for the future LA fans:

James Laurinaitis, the Rams linebacker shared a similar sentiment, both excited to move, but also somewhat sad to be leaving their faithful St. Louis fans:

The Rams defensive end Robert Quinn was more excited about the future of the team in LA:

NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano had a bit of historical NFL trivia for the fans:

On a more cynical note, we have to say that we are somewhat doubtful this move has anything to do with history and bringing the team back to Los Angeles. It is far more likely that this decision was made with only one thing on anyone’s mind – money. Los Angeles is a humongous market, both for the Rams and the rest of the league. Always keep in mind that professional sports is all about the money. Just ask the St. Louis fans.

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