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The Polish Have Invented A New Water Sport


Poland now has an awesome new sport that you can play if you’re into rowing. It currently takes place in a pool, but it could definitely take place in just about any body of water that is still enough and doesn’t have a current that will help one team or another.

It’s kind of like playing tug-of-war, but in boats. And instead of getting your team to move back and pulling the opponents towards you, the teams are trying to push their boats forward by out-rowing the opponents.

That’s why it’s a little confusing when watching for the first time. In tug-of-war, you are used to seeing the team that moves backwards celebrating at the end, but here it’s reverse. All in all, we totally support having this awesome sport make its way to the Olympics one day.

It’s a sport that not only combines rowing technique and strength, but also teamwork and synchronicity.

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