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The Panthers Survive The Giants, Remain Perfect


The Carolina Panthers and the New York Giants played one of the best games of the season in the NFL yesterday but in the end, the home fans went home saddened as the Panthers managed to survive the Giants’ comeback and remain perfect for the season.

Before the game, a number of pundits were convinced that the Giants will be the ones to finally snap Carolina’s 13-win streak this season. Most of them believed that the Eli Manning – Odell Beckham Jr. combo would be enough to snatch this one out of the Panther’s claws in front of their home crowd. In short, they were wrong.

In fact, during the first three quarters, it seemed they couldn’t have been more wrong if they tried. In the first two minutes of the game, Beckham Jr. couldn’t handle the perfect pass thrown to him for a touchdown. After they got the ball, Cam Newton did the thing he’s been doing all season long and went on a calm and composed 47-yard drive that he capped off with a nice throw to Ted Ginn Jr. for their first touchdown of the game.

The Giants tied the game up at 7-7 and they missed an easy interception. From there on, the Giants collapsed as the Panthers scored seemingly at will. Newton showed once again why he is probably this year’s MVP, coolly leading his team to 4 more touchdowns by mid-third quarter. With little more than a quarter, the Giants’ were looking at a 28-point hole.

However, little by little, they started getting back into it, with Manning showing off his skills and hitting his receivers all over the place. With little less than two minutes in the game, it was all tied up at 35-35. Then, Cam Newton did some more of his thing. With unprecedented composure, he went on another drive which included some passes and even some of his own running. He set up Graham Gano for a 43-yard field goal that he made as time was running out and the Panthers stayed perfect.

The real story of the game, however, was the fierce hand-to-hand combat between Carolina’s cornerback Josh Norman and the Giants’ receiver Odell Beckham Jr. which lasted pretty much the entire game. The two players were hitting each other, kicking each other, grabbing one another by the helmets and even mouthguards. The worst moment of their battle came in the third quarter when Odell Beckham ran helmet-to-helmet into Norman, almost detaching his head from the rest of his body.

Quite understandably, Norman had a few opinions to share on Beckham after the game.

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