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The NFL, Domestic Abuse And The Case Of Greg Hardy


There was a time in the NFL when domestic abuse, sadly, wasn’t taken as seriously. However, it looks like times are finally changing. The rise of the Internet and the ability to let the fans and other people react direction on situations that affect the league has backed the NFL into a corner, unable to simply pull a couple PR stunts and forget all about an issue that serious.

So far, no one has contacted defender Greg Hardy, who was accused of domestic violence several years ago and suspended for a while from the league. However, insider reports say that there are people out there who are interested in Hardy. Of course, these teams are not saying much about it.

And while it’s a bad thing that there are teams who are still interested, it’s probably a good thing that these teams are currently too embarrassed to say that they are. That’s the thing with the NFL. Teams would rather not have to deal with legal problems and drama, but at the same time, everyone needs a great pass rusher too. And that’s exactly what Hardy is. So because of his ability to get to the quarterback and cause disruption, he’s probably going to get a deal sooner or later. It won’t be the tens of millions of dollars that he would have gotten had he not allegedly attacked his ex-girlfriend violently.

Truth is, Hardy could have signed a long-term deal last year if he would have helped himself. He played in Dallas for the Cowboys, and instead of showing that he is a changed man and that he seeks forgiveness, he acted like a borderline psychopath. Reports say that he would miss meetings, get into fights with coaches and sources close to the team say that there was a lot of tension surrounding him in the locker room.

But he will get paid. It seems that the only way to lose your job for domestic violence in the NFL is if there’s a video. Former Baltimore running back Ray Rice has been out of the league ever since a video of him punching his fiance in the face leaked. Before the video, the NFL hit him with just a two-game suspension.

So while the landscape is changing, it’s still not where it needs to be. Hopefully there will come a day when people like Hardy won’t be able to make a roster and being a good person will be just as important as being a good football player. But that day has not yet arrived.

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