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The Lakers Have Started Turning On Each Other


The Los Angeles Lakers are looking more and more like a team of villains from a 90s action movie or something. Their plan has gone to bust, their leader has started losing his mind and the young members of the team have started turning on each other, giving their hostages a chance to escape or something like that.

It is just unbelievable and we actually feel sorry for those few true Lakers fans who have to watch this historically great organization become such a ridiculous mess.

Last night we saw some great NBA matchups, but everyone was only talking about the fact that D’Angelo Russell secretly taped a conversation with his teammate Nick Young in which Young is talking about seeing other women, despite the fact he is engaged to pop star Iggy Azalea. A footage of Russell taping Young allegedly surfaced and the effects of it are as grave as you might imagine.

According to sources, the Lakers officials are aware of the incident and they are dismayed with Russell. In other news, there is truth to this. This is not a rumor. Moreover, those same sources are saying that other teammates have started shutting Russell out.

A source also came forward saying that none of the Lakers players wanted to sit with Russell at a breakfast team meeting. Another story puts Russell in the locker-room, coming over to sit next to Lou Williams only to have Williams get up and walk away.

There are some people who are saying that this was nothing but a prank gone bad and that considering Russell’s youth, his teammates should not be that mad at him. The thing is that this is not just a prank. The video might ruin two people’s lives (we are not getting into the whole cheating thing) and one of those two people is his teammate.

You do not do stuff like that to your teammates.

The Lakers organization now needs to decide how to handle this incident and considering how this season’s been going for them, they might actually let it resolve on its own.


One thing is for sure, D’Angelo Russell has just made his own career ten times more difficult than it could have been. He is going to have serious problems making his teammates trust him down the line. Any teammates. On any team.

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