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The Case Of LeBron James’ Disappearing Hair

Cleveland Cavaliers Media Day

When you are the best basketball player in the world, the media and fans needs something that they can use against you.

For more than a few years now, LeBron’s hairline has been the butt of many jokes. Fans mock him when he tries to hide his disintegrating hairline with a headband while he’s playing, and it seems that his hair gets more comments than his shoes do when he releases a new pair of personal brand Nikes on the market.

Making an appearance to talk about his new LeBron 12 sneakers at Nike’s World Headquarters, his hairline was looking rather weird. It was actually looking good, which led some people to believe that he had gone through some type of hair transplant procedure to get his hairline straight again.

But then several days later he shows up to practice in Cleveland with his old hairline in tact. So what happened? Did he use some type of spray-on hair kit for the Nike event? Was he wearing a very good wig? Perhaps we’ll get some answers once the season starts.

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