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Thanks The Gods! NFL Season Is Upon Us!


The start of the 2015-16 NFL season was one of the most tense in quite some time and it had little to do with the actual game. The main reason for the tension was the fact that Commissioner Roger Goodell was not in Massachusetts last night.

Goodell is not really the most favorite person in the world at the moment as far as the New England Patriots fans are concerned. Quite the contrary. This off-season, he was at the forefront of the league’s investigation (and in the eyes of the Pats fans attack) into the Deflategate controversy. In the end, Brady and the Pats “won” and everything was set for the start of the season. Without Goodell in the stands.

As far the game was concerned, the Pitsburg Steelers didn’t stand a chance. Tom Brady was in his element, going 25-of-32 for 328 yards and 4 touchdowns. Rob Gronkowski had five receptions and three touchdowns. The score doesn’t really paint a clear picture. The Patriots were out for blood and the Steelers had the misfortune to be there when they made the statement.

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