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Texans J.J. Watt Eats A LOT

We all know that J.J. Watt is a massive man. So it should be no surprise that the Houston Texans defensive star needs a lot of fuel to run on. He is known for his long and exhausting workouts, which is why he recently had to make a change to his diet.

Instead of his strict paleo diet, Watt switched to a more calorie rich diet that gives him the fuel he needs to avoid exhaustion. According to Watt himself, he consumes in between 6,000 and 9,000 calories on a daily basis. That’s a lot. Watt continues eating pounds of chicken breasts, only now he wraps them with bacon.

Apparently he also eats avocados by the bucket. And according to the monster defender, he has a soft spot for brunch and never misses it. He brunches on his cheat day, adding that one of his favorite brunch meals is a potato pancake stuffed with an omelet and French toast with berries.

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