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Teen Basketball Player Crashes Headfirst Into Backboard


Sometimes there is such a thing as being too athletic. That might be the major problem with D.J. Harvey.

He is a sophomore at DeMatha Catholic in Maryland and might have let his athleticism do him more bad than good recently.

Harvey went up to block an opponents shot recently, and although the block was successful, he ended up hitting his head on the backboard and injuring himself. He’s only about 6’4” so you can imagine how incredible his hops are if he was able to get his head up that high.

It was an incredible showcasing of athletic ability, even though it did end with a bump on the head for Harvey.

And of course, when watching this clip, you can’t help but recall the time Michael Jordan, while playing college ball at North Carolina, did pretty much the same exact thing. Of course, Harvey wears the number 23 as well.

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