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Steph Curry Is Too Good For Video Games


The Golden State Warriors are having a historically great season and a huge part of their success has been their leader, last year’s (and most probably this year’s as well) MVP Steph Curry whose numbers have been simply ridiculous. According to the folks who make NBA 2K games, his numbers and even his style are making it near impossible for them to feature him realistically in their video games.

In case you haven’t played any of the NBA 2K video games, you will probably appreciate a bit of context. We are talking about what are arguably the best sports video games of all time, done with incredible love, attention to detail and proficiency. They are also some of the most difficult video games to truly master which stems from the level of detail and the love of the game that the developers instill their product with.

As a result, it is not a game where you can take the ball with your favorite player, dribble until your thumbs are sore and then just launch a three-pointer from 40 feet away, expecting to make it. The problem with Curry is that he does that kind of stuff in real life.

We have all witnessed too many situations this year where Curry waltzed over to the opponent’s half, dribbled his way through a few screens, went one-on-one with his defender, Dervished around him like possessed only to launch a super-contested shot that somehow found its way into the basket.

In a video game, this is annoying and makes it simply exhausting to play against a player who is able to do this. The gameplay director for NBA 2K games, Mike Wang said it the best, “we are still looking for ways to better translate his game into NBA 2K”, and “he becomes a problem in the video game world “.

Steph stands in opposition to everything they have been trying to establish in their games and not because he is a cheater, but because he is that good.

The folks from Bleacher Report did a test earlier this month to find out whether real-life Steph was better than video game Steph and they found out that he was, and by quite a margin. This is simply unprecedented in the world of video games where digital NBA players are usually much better and more skilled than they are in the real world.

Curry is simply doing his thing and revolutionizing the game. Even in its digital form.

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