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Steelers OL Gains Almost 100 Pounds In A Year


A lot of NFL players say that they live in the gym, but judging by the amount of weight that Steelers offensive lineman Alejandro Villanueva put on in a year, we are inclined to believe that he gets all his meals served in the gym and sleeps on the bench press.

In a little bit under one year, the offensive lineman has put on almost 100 pounds. The 26-year-old has put on 95 pounds to be exact. According to his measurements from last year, he weighed 245 pounds while playing for the Philadelphia Eagles last year. Now he is weighing in at 340.

The man has obviously put in a lot of work. And even without knowing that Villanueva is such a hard worker, it would be impossible not to root for this guy. Btw, he is a West Point graduate and served three tours in Afghanistan as a U.S. Army Ranger captain.

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