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Spurs Shooting Guard Makes Social Media Blunder At Holocaust Memorial


The San Antonio Spurs recently took a trip to Germany for some team bonding and to play some exhibition games against Alba Berlin.

Controversy struck however, when shooting guard Danny Green took a selfie while the team visited the German Holocaust. His Instagram caption was reasonable enough, even though taking a selfie at such a site is still a bit sketchy, no matter what you write.

His Instagram caption read:

“A lot of history here, more than you could imagine…very sad/tragic things happened #holocaust #berlin.”

But when he posted the picture to Facebook, he changed the caption to the peculiar:

“You know I had to do it one time lol #Holocaust.”

He was immediately attacked on social media for making light of such a serious historical event, with no one able to understand why he would include lol (laughing out loud) in his comment.

Green has posted an official and formal apology on Twitter, saying that he made a mistake and that he is sorry if he offended anyone.

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